Komatsu PC80MR-5: Reliable workhorse

Arto Turpeinen

With the measured operating weight of 8,595 kilos, the Komatsu is the lightest machine in the comparison. In principle, the brand would also have a slightly heavier machine to offer from another model series, the PC88MR-10, which, according to the official working weight of 8.5-9.13 tonnes, would have qualified for the test group.

Despite the change to the hinge model, the door opening of the Komatsu is small and larger operators have to awkwardly manoeuvre themselves into it. The operator's cab was one of the quietest in the comparison. For example, the decibel numbers were the lowest during idling.

The modestly sized display remains faithful to the blue brand colour. There are very few switches because most of the functions are controlled via the display. With the Eco display, you can dig in a more economical way.

Because of the comparatively short dipper stick, the range was not the best possible, but the tractive force of the boom was the best in the comparison. On the other hand, the longitudinal tipping load was poor compared to the other machines.

The hydraulics are not capable of handling several movements at the same time, especially when driving.

The joysticks trajectories were exceptionally large because, for some reason, extensions were fixed to the Engcon levers which are not actually necessary. Because of the extension, the rubber linings on the levers were also slightly too short. There was also slight criticism of the small, flap-shaped accelerator pedals.

  • Relatively quiet operator's cab
  • Breaking out force of dipper stick
  • Low shipping weight
  • Tipping load in longitudinal direction
  • Narrow door opening
  • Driving and using the hydraulics at the same time is impossible

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